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Lesson 8 – Recognize How Powerful You Are – Relationship 911
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Lesson 8 – Recognize How Powerful You Are

Module 3 Description

Strategies to Let The Pain Go

You now know why it’s difficult to release or forgive the past. You also know why forgiveness is so very important for you. The question you are left with is, “If forgiving is difficult and good for me, how do I let all the pain go?”

In this module, you’ll be introduced to a number of activities and techniques to assist you in forgiving and releasing the past. Some will appeal to you and others won’t. Choose the two or three which you can relate to and use them to achieve peace.

Know this about you: You can do this!!!

The evidence that forgiveness is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is overwhelming. Forgiveness strengthens your health and brings peace to you in mind and spirit. You’ve also learned why forgiveness is difficult.

You can do this! You have everything you need within you to discover how you can release the pain and forgive. You are more powerful than you ever thought you were. All you need to do is access that power and bring it forward.

You Have the Opportunity to Access Your Inner Power

The power you have has nothing to do with how powerful you feel. Even those you believe have accomplished much in their lives may not feel powerful.

You feel powerful when you have control over your inner world:

  1. When you control your thoughts, you control your emotions and how you respond in life.
  2. When you control your emotions, you control your thoughts and your response to the difficulties of life.
  3. When you control the way you respond, you control your thoughts and feelings about the situation.
  4. When you control your thoughts, feelings and response, you’re able to keep the situation from becoming worse.

When you don’t have inner control, you’re more likely to have a tendency to say and do things you later regret. Learn from those experiences.

As you work with the exercises in the lessons that follow, you’ll learn how to control your thoughts, feelings, and responses. You’ll be accessing and using the amazing power you have within you.

These concepts are key. Keep reading them until you can repeat them without hesitation:

1. Whatever happened to you does not diminish who you are. Unless you suffered a severe physical injury, you still have the talents and abilities you had before the pain entered your life. If your life has been filled with challenges, you may not have yet discovered how amazing you are.

  • When you release the pain, you’ll feel more “you” than you’ve ever felt. When your inner vision isn’t distorted with the past, you can discover your gifts, talents, and inner resources.

2. You are the most important person in whatever happened. Your well-being, inner peace, and health are all that’s important in this process. Focus on yourself and what you need to do to achieve that peace.

  • If you’re concerned about whoever else was involved, put them aside as you work through the following exercises.
  • When you release the past, you will have the strength and energy to handle whatever is awaiting you.

3. What you do and say is about you. What the others involved do and say is about them.

  • Remember who is most important right now: you. Don’t allow what others say to you or about you distract you from what’s important.
  • If you have family or friends who believe they’re doing you a favor by keeping you updated on the others involved, ask them to stop. What they’re saying is not important, at least for now.

4. Releasing the past may not be easy, but you can do it. Whether you’re building a skyscraper or releasing the pain of the past, all are accomplished the same way: step by step.

  • Although you know your ultimate goal, focus on each step and the rest will fall into place. Make a commitment to yourself now to do the exercises.

5. You’ll be redefining yourself. When the pain of what happened has been with you a long time, you may subconsciously define yourself by your pain. Be willing to release not only the pain, but also the way the pain defined you.

  • No matter what happened, you can be happy again. No matter what happened, you can be successful again. No matter what happened, you can have a loving and fulfilling relationship. Yes, life will be different, but it isn’t over.


You have within you the power and ability to achieve your desire to release the past. Make a commitment to yourself to do the exercises. The rest will fall into place.

Before moving to the next lesson, where you’ll begin focusing your mind on letting go, take a few minutes to review and reflect on what you’ve learned about your power to release the past by forgiving.


The following questions are designed to assist you incorporate what you’ve learned in this lesson.

  1. Describe how you want to experience your inner power.
  2. Why is it crucial for you to focus on yourself as you do the exercises?
  3. How has what happened defined who you are? How do you want that to change?




I. Additional Resources:-

I train my mind.

I control my feelings, thoughts, and actions. I train my mind to stay strong and healthy.

I focus on the positive. I count my blessings and express my gratitude. When faced with challenges and changes, I remind myself of what I have to gain. When I run into setbacks and delays, I find something to laugh about in the situation.

I monitor my self talk. I reframe my doubts and fears. I give myself credit for making an effort. I accept myself for who I am now.

I adopt healthy habits. I work at making constructive choices automatic.

I engage in activities that sharpen my mental skills. I study foreign languages and play word games with my children. I register for online courses and shake up my daily routines.

I take care of my body. My physical wellbeing affects my mental strength. I eat nourishing whole foods, exercise regularly, and go to bed early.

I stay connected.  Spending time with family and friends reduces my stress. I learn by listening to others and sharing my opinions and experiences.

I live mindfully. I help my brain to function effectively by organizing my schedule and minimizing distractions. I use meditation and prayer to help me concentrate on the present moment.

Today, I give my mind a workout. I maintain a positive outlook and cultivate the kinds of thoughts and behaviors that help me to succeed.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I define mental strength?
  2. Where can I learn more about exercises that can help my brain?
  3. How is training my mind similar to training my body?

II. Additional Resources:-

My past is behind me.

I am free of my past. What has happened no longer influences my life. I can leave the past behind me and look ahead to the future.

At times, I may have failed in the past, but I am unburdened by these setbacks. I can see the future with a positive perspective.

I use my past successes to my advantage. If I am going to look to my past, I focus on my successes. This keeps my outlook positive and hopeful.

I maintain my strongest focus on the present. I live each day to the fullest and enjoy everything that life has to offer. Many exciting things are happening around me. I steal from my present and my future when I focus on the past.

I know that I am unable to change the past. People have acted poorly toward me. I have made poor choices. However, I am optimistic about the future.

The future can be whatever I choose to make it.

Today, I am giving up the past for the present. My mind is rooted in the present moment with an eye looking toward the future. I have a bright future and choose to forget the past. My life is looking better than ever.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How has my preoccupation with the past harmed me and my life?
  2. What would I do right now without the burden of the past?
  3. How do I allow the past to affect my future?

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