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Lesson 4 – Module 1 Summary and Reflection


The key to healing from emotional wounds is to be able to release the pain from those wounds.

In this module you learned there are three factors which make releasing the past difficult:

  1. When you’re hurt, your body responds by producing hormones and neurotransmitters which affect your emotions. You can become anxious and depressed.
  2. The tendency is to keep thinking about what happened to you. This causes your brain to produce more hormones and neurotransmitters, resulting in greater anxiety and depression.
  3. The emotions which resulted from what happened also continue the cycle.

To stop this cycle, you’ll need to access your inner power, release the past, and form your new future.
In the next module, you’ll learn that misconceptions about forgiveness, the releasing of the past, may prevent you from letting go of what happened and moving forward.


Before moving to the next module, spend time reflecting on what you’ve learned and discovering how it applies to you. This will prepare you for moving past your pain and moving into the wonderful future awaiting you.

  1. What are the recurring thoughts of the past you don’t want any more?
  2. Read each one of these recurring thoughts aloud and then say, “You’re on notice. I don’t want you anymore. You are going to leave now!”
  3. What recurring feelings of the past do you not want anymore?
  4. Out loud, tell each one of these feelings: “You are not going to be part of my life anymore.”


I. Additional Resources:-

Each day, I make strides towards bettering my future and letting go of the past.

I am fully aware that the past is in the past. Therefore, I keep my chin up and move forward with my life without looking back.

I have zero control over events that have already occurred in my life. However, I do have control over my future. Therefore, I assert my authority over my future by making sound decisions that allow me to live well today and in the days to come.

I take responsibility for my actions. Generally, the things I do bring positive experiences into my life. However, from time to time, I do make an unsound decision. When this happens, I have the courage to face the outcome of my actions.

I choose to learn from my difficulties, ensuring that the same mistake is never made twice. This in itself allows me to create a better future!

My possibilities are shining brightly! Rather than dreaming my days away, I make the most of each day by planting small seeds now to reap rewards in the future.

Life is about making the most of what I have now, while still reaching for greater happiness. I allow this understanding to fill me each and every day.

Today, I take an unbiased look at my future. I also make the most of the skills and gifts I have right now.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I structure my goals into small measurable steps?
  2. How can I let go of the past and completely focus on the here-and-now?
  3. How can I ensure that I enjoy a comfortable future?

II. Additional Resources:-

I let go of hurt.

Life is filled with experiences that lead me to feel all kinds of emotions. I embrace feelings that generate optimism. Emotions like happiness, contentment, joy, and curiosity renew my soul. Yet there are emotions on the other end of the spectrum that I also feel, like hurt.

When less-than-positive emotions arise, I make an effort to label what I am feeling and why. Connecting with my hurt helps me to figure out what situation triggered those emotions.

So, when emotional pain envelops me, I first reflect on it. Where did the hurt come from? I endeavor to solve this mystery. However, regardless of the reasons for my emotional experiences, I strive to properly express, manage and release this pain.

Although I contemplate the experience, I also recognize when it is time to say “farewell” to those twangs of emotional hurt. Sometimes, I say to myself, “Let it go, let it go.”

In order to live a clean, uncluttered emotional life, I learn to release my pain.

I imagine the hurt as a big red balloon filled to near bursting. I visualize myself holding the scarlet balloon. Then, I use visual imagery to release the balloon full of pain into the vast turquoise sky, to be carried far away from me.

Today, I choose to recognize my limitless capacity to let go of hurt. I plan to focus my efforts on releasing my pain to experience the peace and serenity that I deserve.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In what situations am I most challenged when it comes to letting go of my hurt?
  2. Am I aware of when it is time to release myself from my emotional pain?
  3. How do I “celebrate” letting go of hurt?


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