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Module 1 Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. You’ll get the most from this course if you:
    A. Pick and choose lessons at your leisure
    B. Study the quiz prior to working through the lessons
    C. Read the lessons, skip the activities, and take the quiz
    D. Do the lessons in sequential order
2. Present hurts bring up pain from past similar hurts.
    A. True
    B. False
3. A deep emotional hurt can:
    A. Have you doubt yourself
    B. Make your future uncertain
    C. Cause you to lose your sense of self
    D. All of the above
4. Your brain waits 5 minutes before reacting to emotional pain.
    A. True
    B. False
5. When you’ve been emotionally hurt, your body produces:
    A. Oxytocin
    B. Iron
    C. Neurotransmitters
    D. Heat
6. When emotional pain triggers your stress response, the following happens:
    A. You go into Fight-Flight-Freeze mode
    B. You go dancing
    C. You crave coffee
    D. You get a tattoo
7. Some neurotransmitters have the opposite effect when there’s too much of it.
    A. True
    B. False
8. Regarding your thoughts about your deep hurt:
    A. They can make your brain act as if you’ve been hurt again.
    B. Failure is an opportunity to beat yourself up emotionally.
    C. It’s a good excuse to look for some pity.
    D. All the above
9. Making up stories about what happened can:
    A. Get you a movie deal
    B. Make you hurt worse
    C. Help you heal
    D. Convince others to get on your side
10. When family and friends keep talking about what happened:
    A. Ask them to support you by not talking about it.
    B. Tell them you appreciate their support.
    C. Ask them to remind you not to talk about it, if you do start talking about it.
    D. All of the above

Answer Key

1. D  
2. A  
3. D  
4. B  
5. C  
6. A  
7. A  
8. A  
9. B  
10. D  

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