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Module 2 Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. When you forgive someone you show how weak you are.
    A. True
    B. False
2. By not forgiving you:
    A. Weaken your immune system
    B. Live in the past
    C. Sap your energy
    D. All the above
3. Forgiveness means you must stay with someone who is dangerous.
    A. True
    B. False
4. Forgiveness:
    A. Shows you’re weak
    B. Puts the one who hurt you in control
    C. Is about your freedom from pain
    D. Means you should trust someone who lies
5. Forgiveness strengthens your health.
    A. True
    B. False
6. Forgiveness:
    A. Is stupid
    B. Prevents you from doing what you want
    C. Allows you to choose what you want to do without worrying about the other person
    D. Increases anxiety and depression
7. Forgiveness takes more strength than holding onto the pain.
    A. True
    B. False
8. Forgiveness can:
    A. Improve your relationships
    B. Make you feel more powerful
    C. Allow you to have more freedom
    D. All the above
9. When you forgive someone, do you have to tell them that you forgave them?
    A. Yes
    B. No
10. Forgiveness is about:
    A. YOU
    B. The person who hurt you
    C. Making your family feel better
    D. Making your friends feel better

Answer Key

1. B  
2. D  
3. B  
4. C  
5. A  
6. C  
7. A  
8. D  
9. B  
10. A  

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